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September 2017

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 Mature Buck Breeding Excursions

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PostSubject: Mature Buck Breeding Excursions   Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:17 pm

A new study* on whitetail behavior reveals some interesting findings that every deer hunter should take note of. This two year study was done before, during and after the rut on mature bucks. Using telemetry, bucks where GPS collared and their movements where recorded and plotted on maps.

In this study a mature bucks " home range " consisted of 600 acres. The buck spent at least 95% of his time in this area. All of his needs where here: food, water, secuity, does.

The " core area " is a smaller zone within a buck's home range. It is a safe haven, where a buck would bed frequently and remain for long periods. In this study the core area consisted of 90 acres, or 15% of the bucks total home range. This is where a mature buck spent 50% of his time. The habitat was thick nasty cover.

After the rut kicked into high gear, many bucks went on excursions that would take them outside of their home range. Here are three key points from this study:

1. Telemetry proved that even if a far-ranged buck went on a breeding excursion, he returned to his core area, usually within 8 to 32 hours of when he left.

2. These big bucks did most of their travel during daylight hours.

3. A buck isn't spending nearly the time with an estrous doe that was previously believed.

The lock-down period, peek breeding was known to be the time when a buck would be holed up with a doe for 4-6 days. This study shows that this is probably not true.

* This study was conducted by Mark Conner, a biologist, researcher in Maryland, USA.

See article by Scott Bestul, titled : Secret Buck Movements Revealed in the Aug. 2010 issue of Deer&Deer Hunting magazine.
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PostSubject: Re: Mature Buck Breeding Excursions   Sun May 15, 2011 6:04 am

Thanks for the info.

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Mature Buck Breeding Excursions
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